Scientific Aim

Atomic/molecular nanoclusters, which are aggregates of several to hundreds of atoms and molecules, have been one of the central issues of nanomaterial science, owing to their unique structures and novel properties. Along with the chemical nature of each element, properties of nanoclusters change dramatically with size-parameters, making nanoclusters strong potential candidates for future tailor-made functional nanomaterials; these designer nanocluster materials are expected to have attractive properties such as redox-activity, catalysis, and magnetism. In particular, with extensive development in the precise control and synthesis of nanoclusters, alloyed and supported states have also become more sophisticated, advancing toward new nanomaterial science which focus on the surrounding effects of nanocluster-substrate interaction, ligation, and field nanoconfinement.

In order to further advance designer nanocluster material science, it is necessary to integrate the wisdom of related fields such as gas phase chemistry, surface science, catalytic science, and solid state physics, including state-of-the-art methodologies for the characterization of advanced nanomaterials. Furthermore, as an application field of designer nanoclusters, we would also like to discuss the direction of nanoscale functional material research, in order to respond to globally anxious anticipations arising from environmental and energtic issues.

For this purpose, it is our great pleasure to announce the 76th Fujihara Seminar on Designer Nanocluster Materials that will be held from September 29 (Sun) to October 2 (Wed), 2019 at Grand Hotel New Oji, Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan.

Organization Chair
Atsushi Nakajima, Dr. Sc. (Keio University, Professor)